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Buster The Boston Terrier

It's been about six years since we adopted our beautiful Boston Terrier, "Buster". After two years of not having a pet, we had begun searching the Internet to find a puppy to adopt and ran across his picture. Something clicked and we decided to inquire. We spoke to Kathy Herenchak, who had Buster, along with several other dogs up for adoption. She asked us several questions about ourselves, and told us about herself and her commitment to rescuing animals, and such, then emailed us an application to fill out. From the moment we saw him we knew he was the one! We felt so comfortable meeting Kathy and her husband in their home and seeing how well taken care of all the other animals there were. It was obvious to us that rescuing, taking care of, nurturing and finding the right home for these animals was top priority for this family. The whole process went smoothly. It didn't feel like a business. It was a friendly, warm and satisfying experience, and to this day, six years later,, we stay in contact with Kathy regularly as to how Buster is doing. I would recommend her to anybody. She really cares and is doing a wonderful service to both animals AND people like us looking to adopt. Andre' Haas Frank Mannino Maggie Valley, North Carolina

Shadow The Boston Terrier

Many thanks go out to Kathy Herenchak for PMAD for my rescue dog Shadow “Iris” Rzucek now a 6 year old 1 eyed Boston Terrier, My previous dog Riggs had recently passed away and I contacted Kathy to tell her that I was looking to adopt. Kathy contacted me and told me that she had an 8 week old female Boston Terrier that had just rescued from a Amish Puppy Mill. I declined due to the fact that I wanted a male Boston. About 2 weeks had passed and I was contacted again to look a 4 month old male Boston. When I went to meet the male Boston there wasn't any connection. It was then that I met the female Boston “Iris” who was very timid and cute. I kept thinking about the female Boston and when I inquired about her I was told that she has an injury to her eye and that she had to have I removed. That was when I decided that I wanted to rescue her due to the fact that my previous male Boston (Riggs) was blind in one eye and I took that as a sign. Kathy was great allowing me to take Iris on weekends to get familiar with her and return her back after every weekend until she had her surgeries. The poor thing had one eye removed and she was spayed at the same time and it was then that I officially adopted her. Kathy named the little female Boston “Iris” since it was that part of her eye that was injured. I tried to pick another name for her and nothing stuck, she was so little and timid. Later that day I brought Iris back to my house and she saw her reflection in the sliding glass door and started barking at herself. I decided to change her name and to call her Shadow since she was afraid of her own shadow. Kathy is my go to person whenever it comes to any questions or concerns about my Boston Terrier. I have contacted her countless times for questions about general health concerns or whenever I hear about a dog that needs a home or somebody or somebody wants to rescue a dog. When I recently had a concern about my dogs only eye having issues I spoke to Kathy about the background on Shadow's injury to her eye. I, of course, have a vet but Kathy always directs me in the right direction with putting me in touch with the vet that originally saw “Iris” and he made me aware that her loss of sight was an injury. Shadow is a dog that has 2 houses. She resides with me and is very fortunate to have a very special family take care of her while I go to work and am gone for 12 hours a day. Joanne Pfeiffer “Grammy Jo” is a retired woman who is my friends mother. Shadow and “Grammy Jo” have formed a bond that is very special. The 2 of them watch tv all day, go for walks, play ball and just keep each other company so neither one of them are lonely while I am at work and “Grammy Jo's” daughter Carolann is at work as well. Shadow sometimes thinks that she lives at their residence and doesn't want to go home with me. Shadow has a big toy basket, her food, treats, bed and has taken over their house and their hearts. Shadow is such a dog with a purpose she has the best of both worlds and wants for nothing. Some might call her a little bit spoiled but after the start in life she had I think she deserves to be happy. Thank You Kathy!


I adopted from PMAD several years ago. Her name became Sashi, a beautiful shih tzu, a “mill dog”. From the moment I met her to the end of her days, I adored her. Sashi was rescued by PMAD from a horrible (beyond description) puppymill. She spent years there as a breeding female. Sashi became my diva, but she never forgot what it was to live in hell. There were moments I knew she went back there in her little mind and it was painful to see. PMAD saved her life in every way. And she saved mine. I’ve since adopted other PMAD “mill dogs” all saved and rehomed by a rescue that works so hard to right the wrongs of inhumane puppy mills and people who can’t or won’t do the right thing by their animals. A true rescue hero. My life was forever changed by this rescue and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Wrigley’s story

In early 2014 our family decided it was time to add another canine member, and we knew we wanted another Bichon. I asked Kathy to keep an ear out for any Bichons in need of a home. In October she let me know she had just rescued three, why don't I come down and take a look. Wrigley was the bravest of the three, and even though she had no idea what to do with the cookie I'd brought, she let me pick her up and fell asleep in my arms as Dan and I talked about old times (high school buddies!). Dan put a collar on her immediately - he knew it was a perfect match. She was a mess; her coat was stained and bedraggled and her teeth were falling out. Kathy got her cleaned up and spayed, and she came home two weeks later. Kathy provided lots of advice and support since we'd never adopted a rescue before and had a lot of questions. I think Wrigley will always be a bit wacky and anxious, but with lots of love, a great vet who saved many of her teeth, and our other dog Jinx who taught Wrigley how to be a dog, Wrigley is a very happy, healthy member of our family. 🙂 Gayle